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Update on Attempted murder of a police officer

Aug 22, 2011

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Attempted Murder of a Police Officer - Update

DATE AND TIME OCCURRED: August 21, 2011; 1707


SUSPECT: Kevin James Collier (3/22/79)


This is an update of the attempted murder of an El Cajon police officer from August 21, 2011.

On August 21, 2011 Officers and El Cajon Fire personnel responded to a radio call of suspicious circumstances at 1033 Prince Street in El Cajon. The caller described a male walking into the residence with a gun and made the statement he had started a fire. Officer Jarred Slocum and his partner Officer Tim McFarland were the first to arrive. As they were moving into position on the house, the suspect, identified as Kevin James Collier fired several rounds and Officer Slocum, striking him in the head. Officer Slocum was able to return fire as he retreated from his position. He collapsed a short distance away, still within line of sight from where the shots had been fired. Officer McFarland saw Officer Slocum had been hit and rushed to assist him. As Officer McFarland drug Officer Slocum to a safe position, two citizens ran out and helped him. Officer Slocum was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for his injury. He is listed in critical but stable condition.

Officer Slocum has been with the El Cajon Police Department since March 2007. He is married and has two children. The family has asked for privacy while they help him recover from his injury. Officer McFarland graduated the police academy in January 2011 and is currently in his field training. He started with the police department as a maintenance aide in 2004. He was later promoted to a communications operator and was a dispatcher from 2009 until he was hired as an officer. Officer Slocum is Officer McFarland’s Training Officer.

The El Cajon SWAT Team was deployed to the scene, however the fire set inside the house prevented an immediate entry. Fire personnel began fighting the fire and used water drop helicopters to prevent the fire from spreading to the neighboring houses. SWAT was eventually able to make entry along with fire fighters, and confirmed there were no survivors in the house. A body was found in the front portion of the house. A second body has been discovered in the rear of the house. The bodies are believed to be Kevin Collier and Beverly Rakov. However, positive identification is pending the medical examiner’s investigation.

Members of the Bomb/Arson Squad are assisting El Cajon Detectives in the search of the residence. They hope to be able to identify the cause and origin of the fire and assist in evidence collection.

As details of the case began to emerge, investigators learned that Collier had sent text messages to friends that he had shot his daughter, Rhilee Jean Collier and his mother-in-law, Beverly Rakov, and that he started her house on fire. As detectives worked the scene, they found a truck parked on the street outside 1033 Prince Street. The truck is a work truck used by Collier. Officers found a small child in the back seat of the truck. It appears the child suffered a gunshot wound to the head. Detectives believe the child is Rhilee Collier however; they are waiting confirmation from the Coroner’s Office.

DIVISION: Administrative Lieutenant/PIO
DATE AND TIME: August 22, 2011; 1610 hours
REVIEWED BY: Capt. Jim Redman

Pat Sprecco, Chief Of Police